Ready, Set…

Months later, after much effort, we are licensed to serve beverage alcohol in the City of Chicago and State of Illinois! For all the horror stories you’ve heard, the process was rather straightforward, if a little complicated, but not without reason. As much time as we’ve put into constructing our cocktail, wine, and beer menus, we recognize the responsibility of serving beverage alcohol to the public, and I’m glad the authorities vet license applicants as thoroughly as they do.

For the record, the Department of Business Affairs and Licensing was a great resource throughout the process. Overall, I’d grade the service the City provides to businesses as on par with most restaurants. We had one moody inspector, who shall go unnamed (and nonetheless did his job well) but every single other City employee I dealt with was courteous and respectful.

We are now bonafide servers of fine drinks, wine, and beer to go with your delicious coastal southern food. So come and unwind with a cocktail, cold beer, or delicious wine with your meal!