New on the Playlist: Mable John and Jean Knight

We’ve added two artists to our Big Jones playlists recently:

Mable John: We were reminded of Mable John’s songs on the massive Stax/Volt compilation by this recent article in The Nation magazine. The article talks about her career in relation to a new John Sayles called Honeydripper. Our playlist features dozens of tracks from the 9-disc Stax/Volt compilation.

Jean Knight: We just added one of Jean Knight’s biggest hits “Mr. Big Stuff” to the playlists. Jean Knight was born in New Orleans, and performed/recorded with both Dr. John and Art Neville. We recently picked up an album of songs released by Stax but recorded in Jackson, Mississippi.

We play lots of tracks put out by Stax. Although it’s based in Memphis, we find it appropriate for our coastal Southern restaurant both because they distributed so many coastal Southern artists, but also because Memphis is link between the Gulf coast and Chicago — and we aim to make our restaurant a link between them, too.

You’ll also now find some of our favorite LP album covers in the back room at Big Jones — these are from our collection at home.

– Mark