More on the farm

A friend of mine, who couldn’t make the Gunthorp Farm trip due to a prior commitment, poked fun at me for the pics we posted of our trip, since we’re not in any of them, he ribbed me that those pictures could be from anywhere, downloaded from the net. While in good fun, I’ll take any excuse I can get to show more of the farm. Here’s Jane, our artist friend responsible for the spectacular stained glass over our door and behind the bar, and Marissa, a longtime and dear staffer of mine, with me and one of the chickens. They’re really very friendly. Mark was taking the pictures.

LaGrange, Indiana seemed like a picture of small town prosperity that seems increasingly rare these days. The hamlet was sleepy on a Holiday, as most small towns are, but the downtown square was immaculate and businesses seemed to be thriving.

And we couldn’t help but snap a shot of the Hops & Schnapps shop, called GAYS, and this in a small town in Indiana. In America, anything is indeed possible!