It's Peach Time

Peaches have been on the market for a couple of weeks, and expectations are high for Southern restaurant when it comes to peaches, so why haven’t they shown up at Big Jones? That point’s moot this weekend, because we’ll have our first of the season. We’ve held off a little while so we’d have a chance to show off some of the smaller stone fruits, plums and apricots, and also to get a little closer to the availability of free stone peaches, which come a little later than the clings. Being a small restaurant, we can’t afford to pay people to pit cling peaches in the quantities we’ll need them.

Still, freestones are a week away, but we couldn’t wait any longer, and are getting some cling peaches in Friday from Seedling, one of our favorite fruit growers. I have to admit preferring over all others the Flaming Fury Peaches of Paul Friday, but he did not get into the Green City Market this year.

We’re still doing plum tarts this week, but the peaches will show up in our new Dessert drink and Brunch cocktail menus, in Fresh Peach Bellinis! Instead of pureeing, we’ll chop them and macerate them in raw sugar to draw out the nectar, and serve them in Asprinio, a superb sparkling wine from Southern Italy.

Melon season definitely isn’t an afterthought, and we’ll have spectacular Ivory Honeydews from Spring Valley Farm for our brunch fruit dishes, and muskmelons from a yet-to-be-determined Green City Market this weekend. I always turn a healthy portion of our melon take into granita; it’s superbly light and the most summery dessert I can think of. We usually don’t put granita on the menu, but if someone’s having a birthday, or special occasion, it’s been know to make an appearance at the table. We’ve never sold a granita, it’s the ultimate lagniappe!