Great stuff on tap this weekend

We’ve got more fantastic wild salmon flown in fresh today, and… Melons are in! We’ve got heirloom varieties for our fruit dishes this weekend, and granitas. Peaches are at their peak, come in for a bellini, and peach pies are going to be happening by Sunday with the richest, and freshest blueberry ice cream  you’ve ever had.

V Greenhouse came through with still more squash blossoms, they’re getting the same pimiento cheese stuffing & beer-batter fried treatment that’s had them selling out in a day the last few weeks… Peppers and tomatoes are now all local (try the pepper jelly on our new crab cheesecake!) and look for some special southern tomato treatments in the next few weeks. Happy Valley Farm (WI) supplied this week’s take, next week, I suspect we’ll be going with Green Acres, they always have so many great heirlooms to choose from. Garden to be has more pea tendrils, we have borage flowers from Garden to Be as well. Melons are from Seedling & Spring Valley, Tipi came through with our zephyr zucchini and bell peppers.

A couple new items are appearing on our menu since we’re into pepper and corn season –

  • Creamed oysters with fried corn on jalapeno spoonbread
  • Chesapeake blue crab cheesecake with house five pepper jelly