Fried Chicken Tonight, Locavores Tomorrow

Tonight’s the latest Fried Chicken Night, which I don’t want to overshadow by announcing tomorrow’s Locavore menu. We’ve also got $5 margaritas all day, made with Sauza Gold – the good stuff – and they come in traditional lime (my favorite,) hibiscus, violet, and pomegranate. Gunthorp Farm’s chickens will be in the pot all night!

Wednesday marks the first day of the Localvore Challenge, and this is what we’ve come up with:

  • Sally Lunn Crouton with Brandywine Tomatoes, Caramelized Cippolini Onions, and Tarragon
  • Gumbo z’Herbes –  Light Gumbo of Collard Greens and Kale with Tomatoes
  • Wilted Salad of Kinnikinnick Lettuces, Cane-Glazed Bacon, and Sage Crouton with Poached Egg
  • Uptown Chicken & Dumplings – Seared Airline Chicken Breast with Brown Butter Gnocchi, Grape Tomato & Mushroom Ragout, finished with Walnut Oil
  • Free-form Peach Tart with Red Raspberry Ice Cream

Our flour and cornmeal are now coming from Great River Milling, and we’re using, as always, Kalona Organics Dairy and Calma Optimal Amish Farms Eggs (Kalona, Iowa.) The chickens are from the Gunthorps, as is the bacon, which we have cured in-house with raw cane sugar (a little indulgence.) Produce is all from Green Acres (all of the tomatoes, onions, and possibly potatoes, unless we choose Nichols Orchard for those in the morning at the Market, Kinikinnick’s lettuces, and Homegrown Wisconsin supplied Kale, sage, and mushrooms, plus Seedling’s amazing Red Haven peaches and fall raspberries

For two weeks in September, Big Jones is participating in the Localvore Challenge, where the Green City Market and other groups are challenging people to eat locally — specifically to eat food grown or raised within 150 miles of home. Big Jones is responding to the challenge with a full 5-course dinner made of ingredients from within 150 miles. All this locally grown goodness will be $40, but on Thursday night it will only be $24! We’re offering this special meal September 10-24, but we our proud to feature local ingredients all year round.

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