Thanksgiving Dinner 2008

Thanksgiving 2009 is here

We’ve opened our reservation book for Thanksgiving dinner, and plan to be announcing our menu shortly! We will be seating from 12 p.m. until 7 p.m. and serving a prix fixe, multicourse Thanksgiving feast worthy of a Southern Table.

You’ve come to expect only the best, 100% home made, naturally raised & locally sourced goodness, and we’ll deliver. So far, we know we can promise deep-fried turkey so you don’t have to risk house and home. There will also be brussels sprouts, potatoes, dressing, home-baked bread, pie, cobbler, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, ham, and relish trays. Keep an eye out here, we should have the menu finalized by the end of the week!

The price, for a meal any granma would be proud of, will be $40 per person, with wine pairings available, and some seasonal cocktail offerings for a reasonable additional price. We hope you’ll join us!