Chef's Potluck Brunch, Sun Aug 23rd

A handful of our favorite chefs (Paul included!) are putting on a special celebration Sunday August 23 to celebrate Three Sisters Garden and their contribution to our local cuisine. The brunch will be held from 12-3 pm at Red Light, with Mimosas, Bloody Marys, and Intelligentsia Coffee in addition to dishes contributed by:

Sarah Stegner, Prairie Grass Cafe
Tracey Vowell, Three Sisters Garden
Roger Herring, Socca
Bill Kim, Urban Belly
Jackie Chen, Red Light
Giuseppe Tentori, Boka
Paul Kahan, Blackbird
The Chefs at Frontera Grill
Paul Fehribach, Big Jones
and more!

Three Sisters Garden was one of our most delightful discoveries when we were referred to Tracey Vowell by the Green City Market’s new Forager, a position that has been facilitated by the Chef’s Barbeque fundraiser. One of the items we get from Tracey is fine-ground white cornmeal, an indispensable pantry item in deep Southern cooking. Many people ask us how we make our cornbread so delicious, and I just told you! We’ve also gotten into making home made hominy with their whole kernel corn. Talk about delicious. Fried crisp, drizzled with butter, sauteed with bacon and scallions, ground into cakes (aka tortillas) this is the foundation of nutrition for generations of Americans, and when you taste the real thing, it’s evident why.

If you’ve had the pleasure of eating at Red Light or Urban Belly, chances are you’ve enjoyed Three Sisters Garden pea shoots, a tasty green we’ve been know to work with as well. We’re also currently enjoying their zucchini and sweet corn.

Some of the chefs have announced their items. I’m preparing Flaming Fury Peach Cobbler with Toasted Benne Ice Cream and Summer Succotash – Three Sisters Garden Sweet Corn and Zucchini Sauteed with House Tasso, Scallions, and Purple Hull Crowder Peas. Why dessert and a side dish? Because Steve Dolinsky aka The Hungry Hound and Jackie Shen  are roasting a whole Gunthorp Farm Pig! Huzzah sounds delicious!

Tickets are $50 and we are limited to 20 VIP’s from Big Jones. Call Paul to purchase tickets at (773) 275-5725