Tonight's Southern Table Menu

New Caledonia Blue Prawns are the type of seafood that gets me really excited. Superbly, pristinely fresh, and farm-raised in a closed-loop aquaculture farm. This yields fantastic shrimp that are also good for our oceans. They are being paired in with a New York Strip on New Year’s Eve, so we brought in a few to play with.

December 21, 2009

 Roasted New Caledonia Blue Prawns
Garlic Butter, Curry Pain Perdu
Pickled Okra


Living Water Farms Lettuces, Three Sisters Pea Greens
Celery Salt Croutons


Seared Virginia Wild Striped Bass
Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips, Braised Chicory
Horseradish Celery Root Puree


Sweet Potato-Sorghum Pie
Vanilla Ice Cream
Pumpkin Seed Praline

25 per person prix fixe