One of the year's best parties is this Thursday, the 5th!

The best thing about being a chef is that it is possible to touch people’s lives every day through the simple but intimate act of preparing food. For most of us, this takes place day to day in our kitchens, and we toil away behind closed doors doing our best to connect with people through the meals we prepare for them. Sometimes the opportunity presents itself to get out in public and meet people face to face while working charity events to affect people’s lives in other ways. I’ll simply say I’m honored to be doing my part in this summit of amazing chefs and distillers. I’ll leave my friend Phillip Foss to muse about the background of the Speakeasy Throwback Party on his blog here.

Please come, the price of a ticket is nothing for the fantastic lineup that will shower you with food and drink to your contentment! And, your contribution will benefit one of Chicago’s own who’s been dealt a tough hand. Book your tickets in advance and save $10!