Outdoor seating available, now with photos!

As of 5:00 today our new outdoor patio is available for seating, available seven days a week for brunch and dinner. This took about five months since we began plans, so it feels great to be here.

The City explained to me that an outdoor patio license is harder and takes longer to get than a sidewalk cafe license because the license is permanent while a sidewalk cafe license has to be renewed every year. Kinda makes sense.

In order to get the patio done, we also had to build a new corridor and move a wall in addition to actually building the patio, so there were additional building permits and inspections to obtain and pass. Considering how complicated it must be to operate a city with 3,000,000 people in it, I’d say the City does a pretty good job making sure things get done right.

Please join us for lunch, brunch, or dinner on our new outdoor patio. We’ll post pictures of it in a week, once our handmade copper lanterns arrive from New Orleans. In the mean time, come see it for yourself, and enjoy our cooking and hospitality.

Special thanks to retired Alderman Mary AnnĀ  Smith, Alderman Harry Osterman, the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce, the East Andersonville Resident’s Council, and the Edgewater Community Council for working with us through this process and helping us when we needed it. We will work hard to live up to your expectations.

Here’s a little peak taken opening day, Friday June 10. There’s a bit more landscaping being done tomorrow, then next week our hand-made copper French Quarter lanterns arrive followed by etching of the floor. So, there’s still more work to do but we’re really happy to be here!