Announcing our first Whiskey of the Month

We are pleased to announce our first Whiskey of the Month (WOM) will be Rowan’s Creek, by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Ltd. of Bardstown, Kentucky. Rowan’s Creek represents just the type of whiskey we hope to turn you onto through the Big Jones Bourbon Society – interesting producer, small production, off the beaten path of the mass market, and delicious. Sometimes, our WOM will be something more familiar, sometimes it’ll be more obscure, but we promise to always being you delicious, interesting whiskeys that are either a discovery or sometimes perhaps something dear to your heart. We think Rowan’s Creek is a discovery.

Rowan’s Creek comes from Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Ltd., a fantastic mid-sized distillery founded in 1935 by the Willett family, which had generations of distilling history going back to their origins in France. It began as the Willett Distilling Company and became Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Ltd. in 1984 when the founding generation retired and sold the distillery to Even G. Culsveen, son-in-law to distillery founder Thompson Willett. The distillery still makes Willett’s Pot Still Reserve, one of our favorite small-batch bourbons (and likely future Whiskey Of the Month) and a number of other interesting bourbons we’re sure you’ll like to try.

Rowan’s Creek is aged 12 years in charred oak barrels and bottles at 100.1 proof. As with any whiskey taste is a very personal thing, but you’ll find the nose delightfully smoky and rich, with honey, citrus, and butterscotch notes, leading to a stunning, silky texture on the palate that is spicy and fruity with a long, haunting finish reminiscent of the finest black tea.

It’s free to join the Big Jones Bourbon Society, just ask your server or bartender to sign up on your next visit. You’ll receive a passport to forty of our more than sixty whiskeys. On each visit, members are welcome to one complimentary pour of the Whiskey of the Month (WOM) which will usually (but not always) be a straight Kentucky bourbon whiskey. Big Jones Bourbon Society members will also receive invitations to member’s-only events such as whiskey tastings and whiskey socials.

Of course you’re welcome to enjoy any whiskey on our list at any time. We’ll mark off your passport as you taste each of the forty whiskeys, and once you’ve tasted them all, you will earn the distinction of Master Taster, and win tickets for two to a one-of-a-kind all-out whiskey dinner. As the ranks of Master Tasters grows, we will host a series of monthly dinners for Master Tasters only.

We’re working on an online-signup form, but for now the only way to sign up is in person, so please sign up on your next visit, or stop in during regular business hours. Cheers!