December Whiskey of the Month: Whipper Snapper

There are many definitions of “Whipper Snapper”. We prefer the interpretation that you might say a whipper snapper is a young, impertinent person, generally lacking in respect for the elders, but who also has an excess of ambition to go along with the impertinence.  Whipper Snapper is a pacific Northwest  hand-crafted pot still whiskey.  Its style is a combination of Irish, scotch, and bourbon whiskey, although the mash bill is most similar to bourbon it is heavy handed in malted barley.  The barley is grown in the Willamette Valley and then ground, mashed, and distilled in the Ransom Distillery in Oregon.  The second part is created by using a base of Kentucky corn whitedog, which is re-distilled in an alembic pot still.  They are then aged for six months to two years  in a combination of French pinot noir barrels, new American whiskey barrels, and used American whiskey barrels.  The best eight barrels are then blended to produce the best possible product.  Whipper Snapper is hand bottled, hand labeled and hand waxed.  At 42% abv the result: a pot-stilled hooch that has all that kick you want from a shot of white lightning, but with the refinement and depth of an aged scotch or bourbon. Basically, think of it as the whiskey that would be concocted by a Master Sommelier who dabbled in moonshine.  The flavor profile is that of malted barley and cereal. The palate is incredibly smooth and elicits a myriad of flavors from grain to toasted cereal, nutmeg to honey coated barley, hints of floral. Whipper Snapper is best drank with a few drops of water to help the aromatic flavors come out.  It will also be featured on are cocktail list in a drink that was inspired by the predecessor to the martini known as the Martinez.


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