Mardi Gras + Paul makes etouffee on TV!

Mardi Gras is Tuesday the 21st and we have some special menu items to celebrate this weekend. First, our current Family Meal dinner is our Cajun Country Ramble, ca. 1955. Second, we have these special items from Friday to Tuesday for dinner:

Barbecued Shrimp
Jumbo head-on Louisiana brown shrimp smothered in their shells in a spicy sauce seasoned with home made worcestershire sauce, butter, lemon, cayenne, and rosemary, with wood-grilled French bread to sop up the sauce

Crawfish Bisque
Louisiana crawfish tails and Kilgus Farmstead cream pureed with butter and sherry, served with cornbread croutons and melted leeks

Chicken Clemenceau
Cast iron-seared Gunthorp Farm breast with house cured & smoked ham, black trumpet mushrooms, and purple hull peas in a truffle butter sauce, and crispy confit fingerling potatoes

Crawfish Etouffee
According to an old Breaux Bridge recipe – Lousiana crawfish tails smothered in butter with white wine, lemon, and Worcestershire, served with steamed aromatic Arkansas rice

Peacemaker Po’ Boy
Chicncoteague oysters fried in a crispy rice & corn flour breading, piled on French bread with white remoulade and slaw, served with French fries

Watch Paul make crawfish etouffee on WGN TV and get the recipe!