Our March Whiskey of the Month: W.L. Weller Special Reserve!


W.L. Weller special reserve is a seven year old wheated bourbon.  This whiskey is named after William Larue Weller who at the young age of 24 was a whiskey pioneer, who is famous for being the first distiller to use wheat in place of rye in his mash bill.  Mr. Weller first produced this wheated straight whiskey in 1849.  The use of wheat instead of rye gives the bourbon a softer less spicy flavor, with a nose of burnt orange,  vanilla, and cocoa.  On the palate these flavors hold true with the addition of vanilla enveloping the fruity characteristics.  Bottled at 90 proof, 45% alcohol, there is a touch of heat on the finish.  W.L. Weller is a great sipping and cocktail whiskey, as well as an amazing alternative for those who like Makers Mark, another wheated whiskey.

Keep sipping whiskey. Cheers.