Our May Whiskey of the Month: Heaven Hill!

Heaven Hill Distillery is a giant, not only in the bourbon business, but in the distilling business, producing world-class liqueurs, brandies, and gins in addition to the bourbons for which it is so famous. Our primary interest being bourbon of course, we know it as the fountain of some of our most revered spirits, Evan Williams, Elijah Craig, Rittenhouse, Parker’s Heritage Collection, and of course, Heaven Hill.

Heaven Hill blended whiskey is a value-priced bourbon, and while we usually feature premium-label spirits as Whiskey of the Month, we thought this is one you should get to know, especially in this tough economic environment, because it’s really, really good, and it won’t cost you a day’s wages for a bottle. This is the best place to start if you want to get to know Heaven Hill distillery, so here goes.

Heaven Hill is one of the younger distilleries in Kentucky, founded in 1935 during the depths of the Great Depression and shortly after prohibition was repealed. It was a bold move. Over the years they’ve introduced some of the most venerated brands in the Bourbon market today. Their namesake bourbon is aged four years in American oak barrels and straight from the bottle explodes with fruity tropical fruit aromas, nutmeg, and a hint of vanilla and char. On the palate there’s a bit of heat as you’d expect from a young whiskey, but the heat quickly gives way to generous spicy flavors from allspice to nutmeg and roasted tea on the finish.

This is a great whiskey for juleps, and guess what time of year it is? Did we really plan it that way? Cheers, and keep sipping bourbon.