Bourbon ginger bread pudding with candied ginger, peach butter, and peach ice cream

A funny thing happened to me the other day when I walked out my front door at home. There were leaves on the ground. It made me want to make bread pudding. Hopefully we’ve got some summer left but here is a nod to cooler nights ahead.

Our basic bread pudding recipe has never changed – home-baked Sally Lunn, Moore Family Farm eggs and Kilgus cream, and a gill of bourbon. I wanted to keep the flavor bright because we’re still in summer here, so we’re adding lots of fresh grated ginger, upping the bourbon, and getting a bread pudding that while gooey and sticky, is somehow bright and refreshing as a well-mixed bourbon and ginger hi-ball. I thought peaches would hit the spot with this in late summer and they’ve also been our big processing project lately, so we have peach butter and peach ice cream made from fruit we source from Paul Friday and Seedling, with a little crispy-chewy-spicy kick added from candied ginger we make from the leaving of our ginger beer making process. This one’s a great way to enjoy the flavors of peach and bourbon on a late summer day.

Pairing: bourbon neat