February Whiskey of the Month: Evan Williams

We are proud to announce one of the iconic bourbons from Kentucky as our Whiskey of the Month for February, Evan Williams.

evan williams

Evan Williams, the man was a jack of all trades including a politician who would bring his moonshine to dry meetings wherein it would be confiscated by authorities. Although, rumor has it he always left with an empty jug. Sounds like business as usual to me.

Part of the Heaven Hill brand since the fifties, it is now under the watchful eye of 6th generation master distiller Parker Beam with the family’s trademark yeast strain. Evan Williams has a gentle aroma of vanilla, caramel, and oak with a hint of dried spice. On the palate it is very soft showing a little bit of summer fruit to go along with the aromas. Notes of clove and cinnamon come through on the finish.

Evan Williams is a must-have bottle on the back shelf of every home bar as a go-to whiskey for everyday drinking. It makes a wonderful Manhattan or enjoyed on its own after a long work day, or keep in mind as Mardi Gras approaches, it makes a great Sazerac.

We look forward to pour you multiple tastes of this whiskey throughout the month of February especially on the 14th, because what romantic evening doesn’t start and end with bourbon. As always keep sipping whiskey.