March Whiskey of the Month: Ravenswood Rye

Our Whiskey of the Month for March will be Journeyman’s Ravenswood Rye Whiskey.

Journeyman Rye Whiskey

With our next whiskey dinner being on the 6th of March it only seemed appropriate to choose a whiskey that has direct ties to the neighborhood.  The first batch of Ravenswood Rye was distilled at Koval Distillery before moving to their current home in Three Oaks, Michigan.

Being local and organic, the wheat in the bottle is sourced from Michigan while the rye comes from Minnesota. Located in an old maple factory of a staunch prohibitionist, they sourced refurbished local Midwest products to help build their distillery. Distillers of an outstanding gin, as well as bourbon and blended whiskeys, we look forward to showcasing Ravenswood Rye this month.

Being a young rye whiskey, the raciness of the grain comes through on the nose with nice baking spice characteristics from the rye while the wheat gives those softer cereal grain aromas. On the palate there is a nice weight to the whiskey with hints of vanilla and underlying tones of fruit giving it a softness and making it a very smooth sipping whiskey. The finish is long and mellow with subtle hints of mocha and winter spices.  This is hands-down one of our favorite new ryes on the market especially since they take the time to source local and organic ingredients and make their whiskey instead of buying barrels and relabeling like a lot of the ryes on the market.

We look forward to seeing you all month to try Ravenswood Rye, or better yet come to our spirits dinner on March 6th and try multiple products from a true craft distiller. Cheers and keep drinking whiskey.