May Whiskey of the Month: Blanton’s

Meet Blanton’s Single Barrel, our May Whiskey of the Month! The original single barrel bourbon, Blanton’s. Begun at Ancient Age Distillery (Now Buffalo Trace) by Elmer T. Lee, Colonel Blanton’s apprentice, when he decided to begin bottling bourbon from a special warehouse his mentor had discovered aged whiskey better than any other spot on the grounds. Even within that special warehouse, the lots in the center would age better still. Colonel H. Blanton would entertain friends with barrel selections from this special spot, and the logical result was to begin bottling a premium bourbon selected from the very best barrels and bottling them from single barrels, rather than blending lots as was the standard practice until that time.

Blanton’s is a complex, smooth bourbon with strong vanilla and caramel aromas, smoky wood and cocoa notes, a smooth, honeyed palate, and rich black tea on the finish, with spicebox notes both on the nose and throughout the palate.