January Whiskey of the Month: Booker’s


It’s January, and the cold weather is settling in. To help fortify all of our friends against the chill, the whiskey of the month is Booker’s. This is an uncut, unfiltered, barrel proof bourbon from the Jim Beam Distillery. Named for Booker Noe, Jim Beam’s grandson and master distiller for the operation until 2002, the whiskey sits somewhere between 121 to 130 proof. The bottle we’re pouring from as of this writing is a bracing 128.7. It’s aged between six and eight years in barrels kept at the center of the Beam rickhouse, where Booker found bourbon aged the most gracefully.

Any way one drinks the stuff, it’s quite bold and complex, with the char and oak from the barrel giving a rich, smokey nose with hints of vanilla and citrus which leads to some mocho, tobacco, bitter orange and dried fruit on the palate. The finish is long, with a bit of oak, resin and pepper.

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Ages 21 and up