Koval Single Barrel Bourbon is August’s Whiskey of the Month

Koval BourbonWe are pleased to introduce Koval Distillery’s single barrel bourbon as our Whiskey of the Month for August. Koval’s bourbon is near and dear to us because it is distilled a mere few city blocks from Big Jones in the Ravenswood neighborhood, and the distillery goes the extra mile by using 100% certified organic grains for its whiskey.

Made from a mash bill of 51% corn and the remainder of millet, Koval’s bourbon certainly has a unique grain backbone which is beautifully accentuated by a light aging in charred oak barrels.

Tropical fruits, especially mango and banana, pop out on the bright and fruity nose, with hint of warm spice yielding to a palate of stone fruit, vanillin, and caramel which is quite luscious for a young whiskey. The finish is clean and quenching, with pepper, pipe tobacco, and tea rounding out th cascade of flavors and aromas. Great stuff, and it doesn’t get any more local. Bring your Bourbon Society passport in for a complimentary pour anytime during August!


It’s free to join the Big Jones Bourbon Society, just ask your server or bartender to sign up on your next visit. You’ll receive a passport to forty of our more than sixty whiskeys. On each visit, members are welcome to one complimentary pour of the Whiskey of the Month (WOM) which will usually (but not always) be a straight Kentucky bourbon whiskey. Big Jones Bourbon Society members will also receive invitations to members-only events such as whiskey tastings and whiskey socials.

Of course you’re welcome to enjoy any whiskey on our list at any time. We’ll mark off your passport as you taste each of the forty whiskeys, and once you’ve tasted them all, you will earn the distinction of Master Taster, and win tickets for two to a one-of-a-kind all-out whiskey dinner. As the ranks of Master Tasters grows, we will host a series of dinners for Master Tasters.