A Summer of Seafood

We spend a lot of time reading emails and social media feedback, and our servers listen carefully when they work with our guests in the dining room. One of the most common bites we get is: more seafood! We love seafood and work tirelessly to ensure our sources are sustainably harvested and respect the rights of the people who do the work. We’re also mindful of our location in the Midwest, so we ordinarily use restraint with respect to the amount of seafood featured on our menu.

This summer, it’s seemed people miss simple, delicious dishes like Crawfish Etouffee more than ever, and express disappointment at the notion of having to wait for Mardi Gras for another taste. This got us thinking, because the flavors we have to work with during summer, from sweet corn to heirloom tomatoes, abundant fresh herbs, chili peppers, and eggplant, summer is the best time to enjoy seafood! So our first Seafood Summer starts August 4!

Many of your favorites will remain on the menu, including Shrimp & Grits, the Bayou Teche omelet, catfish, and hushpuppies, but we’re upping our game with the following standout additions to our dinner menu:

Red Snapper Caveach, ca. 1825
Ceviche of Florida red sapper in fresh lime with sweet corn, shallot, and herbs, served with avocado and homemade saltine crackers

Deviled Crab a la McGee’s Branch
By way of Savannah, decadent gratinee of blue crab served with wood-grilled bread

Peacemaker Po’ Boy
Louisiana Gulf oysters fried crisp and served on crusty bread with shredded cabbage, tomato, remoulade, and bread and butter pickled, with Creole-spiced potato chips

Crawfish Etouffee a la Breaux Bridge, ca 1830
Abbeville, LA crawfish tails smothered with onions in white wine, butter, and Cajun spices, served with organic Braggadocio rice and scallions

Summer Seafood Noodles
Hand-cut egg noodles tossed with Louisiana blue crab and Laughing Bird shrimp, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, and herbs in butter and wine

And from our regular menu, these favorites are available:

Shrimp and Grits

Shrimp Burger

Fried Catfish

These are in addition to our fresh catch of the day, which this time of year tends to be Alaskan salmon!

A word about sustainability:
We take the health of our waterways and oceans very seriously. We exclusively use seafood from well-managed fisheries with sustainable populations. Here are our sources:

Laughing Bird Shrimp – certified green by multiple agencies, Laughing Bird is a leader in new environmentally sustainable aquaculture and a fantastic alternative to the many other international shrimp farms with destroy mangroves and indigenous fishing grounds, in addition to serious labor rights concerns.

Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders Alliance – these folks worked with the NOAA and Natural Resources Defense Council to completely overhaul the Gulf of Mexico fisheries’ practices, bringing red snapper, grouper, and pompano back from the brink to stable, sustainable populations.

Ponchartrain Blue Crab – hailing from Slidell, Louisiana, this is the blue crab in the world certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.

For the sustainability of domestic oysters, Louisiana crawfish, Key West pink shrimp, US farm-raised catfish, and Alaskan salmon, please refer to Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch. They even have an app for your phone for easy reference when you’re perusing a restaurant menu. Of course, you can ask us about the source of any food item we serve, any time!