Dinner is served nightly from 5pm. Fried chicken is available every night.

    • Starters and Snacks

    • Sea Island Pea Fritters8

      Crispy heritage pea falafel with frisee, homemade green goddess, and piccalilli

    • Pickle Tasting9.5

      A sampling of our housemade pickles served with salted sorghum butter and home baked Sally Lunn bread

    • Crawfish and Cheese Hushpuppies11

      Anson Mills heirloom cornmeal puppies fried crisp, and served with a spicy crawfish sauce and Hook’s Cheddar

    • Pimiento Cheese5.5

      Hook’s Cheddar blended with pimientos and homemade Worcestershire sauce, served with piccalilli and homemade benne crackers

    • Cajun Boudin Balls9

      Pork liver and rice sausage breaded and deep-fried, served with cayenne mayonnaise and bread and butter pickles relish

    • Split Pea Soup8

      Carlson-Arbogast Farms split peas with country ham and onions, garnished with Sally Lunn croutons and scallions

    • Boucherie Board22

      A sampling of house-made charcuterie, pickles, preserves, served with homemade breads and crackers

    • Soups

    • Gumbo Ya-Ya8

      It all begins with the roux, made in the traditional Cajun style, with our andouille sausage, chicken, pork, and aromatic Arkansas rice

    • Soup du Jour6.5

      Made from scratch daily using heirloom recipes and the best local ingredients

    • Dinner Entrees

    • Roasted Maitake and Chanterelle Mushrooms18

      Organically grown maitake and wild foraged chanterelles roasted with butter and garlic and served in a wine sauce with Carolina Gold Rice and ramp green risotto and sea island petite rouge peas

    • Shrimp and Grits17

      Laughing Bird sustainable shrimp, creamy antebellum heirloom grits, mushroom and tasso gravy, housemade Worcestershire, and scallions

    • Crispy Catfish a la Big Jones21

      Crispy catfish in a light corn and rice flour breading, served with creamy grits, butterbeans, tasso Beurre monte, piccalilli

    • Butcher's Pork Duet21

      Sweet tea-brined and lightly smoked house-butchered pork loin, crispy boudin ball, baked bean puree, sweet potato hash, crackling

    • Fried Chicken (dinner)16 light * 15 dark * 23 half

      Fried in leaf lard, ham drippings, and clarified butter, served with sweet potato hash and voodoo greens. Allow 30 minutes.

    • Crawfish Etouffee a la Breaux Bridge, ca. 193025

      Abbeville, Louisiana crawfish tails smothered in onions, butter, and wine, served with organic Braggadocio rice

    • Hand-cut Noodles and Seafood23

      Hand-rolled egg noodles with blue crab, clams, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, and herbs, topped with Chandoka goat Cheddar

    • Fresh Baked Breads

    • Skillet Cornbread6

      Crispy heirloom cornbread baked in cast iron with bacon fat and green onions, served with Ellis Farms honey and whipped butter

    • Sally Lunn5

      A staple in southern cooking for centuries; a soft rich butter and egg bread served with honey butter and homemade preserves

    • Abruzzi Rye5

      Heritage Carolina-grown rye flour baked with Caudill's sorghum molasses, served with honey butter and homemade preserves

    • Vegetables

    • Succotash8

      Local sweet corn fricassee with okra, baby lime beans, trinity, and bacon, seasoned with Worcestershire and hot sauce

    • Fried Green Tomatoes10

      Growing Power green tomatoes fried in a light cornmeal breading, served with remoulade and pickled shrimp (in season only)

    • Cottage Tomato Salad9

      Ripe heirloom tomatoes with cucumber, shallot, and fresh herbs, dusted with buttered cornbread crumbs and LaClare chevre

    • Local Baby Lettuces7.5

      Tossed with buttermilk-herb dressing, shallots, and radish, with Sally Lunn croutons and Hook’s blue cheese

    • Sandwiches (Dinner)

    • Carolina Shrimp Burger15

      Key West pink shrimp ground and seasoned high, with cayenne mayonnaise, chow-chow, butter lettuce, and a side of creamy grits

    • Peacemaker Po' Boy17

      Crispy oysters on crusty bread with remoulade, cabbage, and bread and butter pickles, with Creole-spiced potato chips

    • Beef and Mushroom Blended Burger15

      Slagel Farm beef and Fruiting Mushrooms blended and grilled, with Chandoka cheese, lettuce, tomato, egg bun, choice of side *

    • Smoked and Smothered Pork Shoulder13

      Shredded and served in a tangy Dutch Fork-style sauce on a homemade bun with creamy slaw, choice of side *

      * Ham fat fries, hoppin’ john, voodoo greens, creamy grits, petit salad