To Go

    • To-go Appetizers & Soups

    • Skillet Cornbread7

      Crispy heirloom cornbread baked in cast iron with bacon fat and green onions, served with whipped sorghum butter

    • Pimiento Cheese (to-go)8 for quarter pound; 15 half pound

      Hook's sharp Cheddar blended with pimientos and our homemade Worcestershire sauce, with piccalilli and homemade benne crackers

    • Pickle Tasting10

      A sampling of our housemade pickles served with salted sorghum butter and home baked bread

    • Cheddar Corn Fritters10

      Sweet corn puffs with Hook's aged Cheddar and jalapenos, served with chili pepper vinegar dip (5 pieces)

    • Gumbo Ya-Ya8

      It all begins with the roux, made in the traditional Cajun style, with our andouille sausage, chicken, pork, and aromatic Arkansas rice

    • Rooftop Garden Salad8

      Tossed with shallot, early radishes, candied pecans, and Hook's Blue Paradise cheese, with buttermilk herb dressing

    • Soup du Jour7

      Made fresh daily using heirloom recipes and the best local ingredients

    • Boucherie Board26

      All the house-cured meats, relishes, breads

    • To-go Sandwiches & Salads

    • Barbecued Pork Shoulder14

      Pecan wood-smoked, sweet and tangy sauce, creamy slaw, buttermilk roll

    • Fried Chicken Sandwich14

      Crispy breaded and fried boneless chicken thigh, egg bun, homemade mayonnaise, local lettuce, chow-chow, choice of side

    • Fried Chicken Salad14

      Crispy breaded chicken tenders served on butter lettuce with cucumbers, tomatoes, blue cheese dressing, and pickled onions

    • Pimiento Cheese Burger15

      House-ground grassfed beef, buttermilk roll, onion, pimiento cheese, aioli, pickled snack peppers

    • To-go Entrees

    • Shrimp and Grits17

      Laughing Bird shrimp, creamy Anson Mills grits, River Valley Ranch mushroom & tasso gravy, housemade Worcestershire, chives

    • Award-winning Fried Chicken18 light * 14 dark * 25 half

      Fried in leaf lard, ham drippings, and clarified butter; choose two sides

    • Crispy Catfish a la Big Jones21

      Crispy catfish in a light corn and rice flour breading, served with creamy grits, butterbeans, tasso Beurre monte, piccalilli

    • Chicken and Dumplings, circa 192014

      An old Fehribach family recipe -- stewing hen, carrot, cabbage onion, knefles


    • To-go Side Dishes

    • Voodoo Greens4 small / 7 large

      Trio of collards, turnip, and mustard greens stewed with a ham bone, chipotle peppers, and cider vinegar

    • Twice-Fried Kennebec Potatoes4 small / 7 large

      Blanched, oven-baked, and finished in ham and bacon fat until crispy, served with homemade mayonnaise

    • Hoppin' John4 small / 7 large

      MacCaskle Family Farm aromatic brown rice with Anson Mills petite rouge peas and piccalilli

    • Creamy Slaw4 small / 7 large

      Finely shredded cabbage tossed with homemade mayonnaise, fresh lemon, carrot, and celery with a hint of red pepper

    • To-Go Desserts

    • Bread Pudding (to-go)

    • Tres Leches Ice Cream5

      Homemade and scented with cinnamon, layered with salted caramel and toasted oat streudel (1/2 pint)

    • Chocolate Macaroon Chunk Ice Cream5

      Homemade dark chocolate-rum ice cream with TCHO chocolate chips and toasted pecan-coconut macaroons (1/2 pint)