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Dora Charles Soul Food Dinner:

What are they saying about us?

“Lots of locally produced, organic ingredients in his food—with the growing season in full swing, the relish tray of pickled vegetables ($9) is a great way to showcase summer’s best. Big Jones also serves afternoon tea complete with decadent red velvet cake ($7).”

– Metromix, Emily Hiser Lodbell  Read More…


“Typically, paying $14 for a burger may sound obscene, but Big Jones’s Tallgrass Beef burger is one of (if not the) best in town.”

– UR Chicago Magazine, Small Bites, Matt Dufour Read More…


“All in all, Big Jones seems to be striving to fuse the accouterments of upscale dining with the down-home soul of country cooking. When it doesn’t work there can be a disconnect. But when it does—as in a special of sauteed bluefish with a tangle of salty greens and a scoop of savory rice pudding—the results are stellar, both sophisticated and bone-deep satisfying. “

– Chicago Reader, Martha Bayne Read More…


“Big Jones does offer a version [of the Sazerac] made with rye, but I found the brandy added a nice touch of fruity sweetness. The black licorice flavor from the absinthe didn’t overpower, and a peppery kick lingered after each sip. Back in the pre-Civil War days, a crushed sugar cube mellowed the drink out, but the cane syrup in Big Jones’ take did the trick, making it highly drinkable.”
“the chicken, with an almost-sweet seared exterior and a moistness unrivaled by any poultry I’ve come across, would be worth going back for”

– Sun Times Centerstage, Dana Kavan Read More…


“When a plate of impeccably cooked shrimp doused in a dark, thick barbecue sauce arrives, and it’s so good you consider chewing on the crunchy tails just to make it last, authenticity is the last thing on your mind. The same is true of the tasso ham sandwich, a picture of warm decadence where the house-cured ham provides a salty note, the cakey house-baked “Sally Lunn” bread adds a sweet note, and the gooey pimento cheese and shrimp rémoulade glues it all together.”
“the bourbon bread pudding is sweet, warm and comforting”

– Time Out Chicago, David Tamarkin Read More…


“then from the TOC blog: “It was difficult choosing what to eat off Big Jones’ brunch menu—a good sign—but I settled on shrimp and grits, the plump crustaceans sitting pretty on a bed of rich ham gravy and luscious grits. I also got my hands on the eggs “New Orleans,” perfect poached eggs on perfect popovers with a slightly imperfect crab cake (too much filler, not enough crab) in-between. And despite my cardiologist’s orders, I ate the andouille and sweet potato biscuits. It was a delicious dish, the light heat of the andouille tempered by the slight sweetness of the dense, gravy-soaked biscuits.”
“While eating, my companions and I swigged strong coffee and fresh orange juice the whole time. And we were happy, very happy.”