Staffing Up

After interviewing over two dozen candidates, we’re pleased to announce we’ve placed our Sous Chef and Kitchen Manager! The response to our only ad, on Craigslist, was overwhelming, and we wound up with five candidates we really wanted, and are totally stoked with the two leaders we have on board.

Steve Obendorff will be our Sous Chef, and yours. Steve will help drive the kitchen both operationally and creatively, and we’re confident he’s going to make Big Jones better for being there. Steve is a native of Alaska, an established proponent of farm-to-the-table purchasing ethics (huge for us,) and has worked at some great restaurants. Steve spent last summer working in the kitchen at The Saltry in his native Alaska, which is a fine dining restaurant on a small island off the coast. Sounds like fun to us! Before taking the summer up North, Steve was Executive Chef at Deleece, which is one of Chicago’s best small neighborhood restaurants, with a great brunch, so you know he’s got the skills. Steve was trained in culinary arts at Kendall College, and teaches at Inspiration Corporation.

Claudio Loha is moving up from Schubas after ten years there. Claudio doesn’t have “a name” yet, but the nearly five years I personally spent with him working at Schubas tells me that you can expect great things. Claudio will manage the kitchen, from production to line, and I can tell you, in twenty four years in this business, Claudio is one of the very best cooks with whom I’ve ever worked. We are very happy to have him aboard.

We’ll be announcing a front manager soon, so stay tuned…