Make it a Day for Mom

Finally we can answer the question: What’s for Mothers Day brunch? We wrestled with this for a while before deciding we’d just stick to what we do best, and putting a little extra in there for mom on the one day a year she gets props for a lifetime of being a mom.

We’ll start off with beignets as usual, and then, just to relax things a bit more, instead of rushing headstrong into the meal itself, we’ll pour a delicious sparkling wine, which will be free-flowing for mom until she’s had enough (and we’ll have good stuff, too – none of that imitation Champenoise for mom,) to be accompanied by a complimentary tray of caviar deviled eggs (tobiko, hope that’s not too trendy for y’all) with homemade pimiento cheese and fresh baked Sally Lunn. Want someone to bake bread for mom on Mother’s Day? We might be the only restaurant in town that’ll bother, but it’s no bother for us. It’s what we do, and mom deserves nothing less. We have word that there might be asparagus coming in from one of our Indiana growers in time to pickle some asparagus – so we hope to include that as well. All of this, gratis. It’s for mom, and we bet she’ll be willing to share.

Then, you’ll order from the regular menu, at regular prices. ‘Nuff said.

Thanks, mom! You’re the best!