Chef's Tasting Dinner in the Works

We’ve been wanting to do something special with the weeknights for a while now, and following the very successful introduction of our Fried Chicken Night on Tuesday, we set out to do something that allow us to be creative with the increasingly wonderful array of fruits and vegetables availble at market as the growing season is now in full swing.

The answer was obvious: a weekly Chef’s Tasting, of which out first will be this coming Monday, June 30. You’ll be able to enjoy five small-plate courses of dishes that are not on the regular menu, for the crazy price of $24. We’ll offer wine pairings to match for a total of $40.

Our agreement with Gourmet Magazine and the Green City Market was to use all GCM vendor produce for our Kid’s Week dinners, so we have’t gotten anything down from Homegrown Wisconsin in a couple of weeks, but are looking forward to starting up with them again this week, and we’ll have strawberries and rhubarb on the way, as well as fingerling potatoes, herbs, and hopefully more pea tendrils. Sugar snap peas are looking to be splendid, as anyone who was able to enjoy the small quantity we picked up at GCM this week already knows.

The great thing about Homegrown Wisconsin, aside from their outstanding quality and the fact that they deliver, is that their growers are mostly a full climate zone north of most GCM vendors, so we’ll have rhubarb available (all gone at GCM) and Strawberries a week or so later.

Cherries are in full swing, and blueberries and tons of zucchini should be any day now. We’ve pickled some yellow globe zucchini and Chinese heritage radishes from Green Acres to add to our relish plates this weekend, so there’s that to look forward to as well.

Anyhow, the Chef’s tastings should be a hoot. So, come on in, and you might help us discover our next new menu item!