Half Price Wines Wednesdays

Wednesday, July 2 will be our first half-price wine day, and we can’t wait! Many, many guests have asked us to offer a special deal like this once a week, to make eating out a little more affordable. Even though our wine list is very reasonably priced compared to other restaurants (the Gruner we offer at $31 , for example, is listed at several other restaurants over $60) we know that we’re not a cheap place to eat because of the high price we pay for organic, local, and sustainably-produced ingredients. Wednesdays, we’ll give you the chance to enjoy our quality at a lighter cost.

All of the wines on our list are available, and the deal is you receive half off the price of your bottle of wine when you purchase one entree per person in your dining party. With a wine list starting at $19, there will be some screaming buys available. I personally would take the chance to get half off some of our finer wines like the Culler Syrah or Feuillate Brut Rose Champagne, but use the deal however you like!

Some reasonable restrictions apply, feel free to ask.