Pulling the ol' switcharoo

We’re rearranging our daily specials based on some opinions expressed by our guests. Tuesday, Fried Chicken Night, remains gloriously the same, but Half Price wines are switching to Monday night, and the tasting dinner is going to be on Thursdays.

Wednesdays, with $5 daiquiris, we pay tribute to the grand French Quarter daiquiri bar tradition, not by making pre-mix fountain daiquiris for the Mardi Gras masses, but by creating some of our own artisinal daiquiris, hand-crafting them as they would have been in the old days of the French Quarter, before FD&C colors and citric acid took the place of real fruits and plant extracts. Always nodding to contemporary tastes at the same time as we reminisce, we’re putting up $5 daiquiris, pomegranate (flavored with our own home made grenadine!), passion fruit (will real fruit and sugar, nothing else,) or the traditional lime, fresh squeezed to pass our strict quality standards.