New Menus Soon!

We hope you’ll pardon the construction our menu pages are undergoing for about the next week, as we update them to show our first comprehensive menu remake since we opened! We could not be more excited to have more salads, lighter fare, and just more variety in general on tap for you! The amount of feedback we have gotten on the menus in general, and individual dishes in particular, has been overwhelming at times (and almost all good!) and it’s taken a while to process what eveything meant, and how we could better serve you. The dinner menu on the web site has already been updated to a near-final edition of what will be premiering this weekend, and the catering menu is online as well, so check those out, and you’ll get the idea where we’re going!

The general direction you can expect things to move here is the addition of a lot of food you can feel more comfortable eating every day, as opposed to Eggs New Orleans or Baby Back Ribs, which you really shouldn’t eat every day, however delicious that would be. These two dishes, and all of your other favorites, will still be offered, and as delicious as ever. What’s really happening here is an expansion, and we feel it’s been overdue.

Among all of the comments we’ve always heard is that many of you would like to eat here more often, because you like the room, the music, the staff, and the flavors, but you haven’t felt like you could because the cuisine here isn’t particularly healthy. While we feel like food that satisfies and nourishes is never inherently unhealthy, I myself have felt that sometimes, just because it isn’t unhealthy, our offerings haven’t really been what I might look for when I wanted something lighter. That’s the essence of what we’ve heard over and over from many of you, our friends and guests. That’s about to change.

Starting this weekend, we’ll have a menu you can feel good about eating from every day (even though we’d never expect you to eat here every day, though some have tried!)

The lunch menu will feature many more salads, different sizes on the gumbo, more poultry, and more vegetarian items.

Brunch will see a huge expansion, with sides, appetizers, salads, and whole grain pancakes, more fruit options, and more sweets just in case you feel like dessert for breakfast.

We also have our first serious carry out menu going out in mass this weekend, so stop  by and pick one up! This has been a hard thing for us to figure out (what to offer for carry out) because our menu has changed seasonally and will continue to do so, and we’ve never wanted to put out a menu that would be obsolete in a few weeks. After nearly five months in business, it finally occured to us that we already know what our “hits” are, that is, what will always be on the menu, whatever the season. These items will make up our carry out menu. Beyond that, we will offer our entire menu for carry out, meaning you can always check out the regularly-updated menus on our web site for the seasonal items that don’t appear on the carry out menu, and you can order any of those you like, as well.

This is a very exciting time, and we hope you’ll check back over the next week as the menus here get updated, and stop in for a bite, a drink, and see what’s new. Hopefully you like it as much as we do!