Peacemaker Fridays

We’ve been through a lot of debate recently about the best fish fry offering for Lenten Fridays, but Mardi Gras settled that question in the course of a few days. While we always offer a fresh fish special, for Fridays during Lent, we’ll also be offering Peacemakers, aka Oyster Po’ Boys.

A very distinctive aspect of New Orleans po boys is the French bread; it has a light and feathery crumb, with a crisp crust, often attributed to the warm temperatures and humid conditions of the climate, contributing to a very active yeast culture. Our baguettes are made with a poolish starter, a long-fermented base that starts the bread dough with a very active fermentation, ending in maximum volume, a soft and feathery interior, crisp crust, and delicious, yeasty flavor.

The oysters are fried for only about 90 seconds at 360 degrees, to crisp the exterior, while leaving the bellies plump and juicy. Remoulade slaw, our house-made cucumber pickles, and organic grape tomatoes round it out, accompanied by our hand-cut fries. It doesn’t get any more traditional, or delicious,  than that!