We've got plans for Easter!

Easter Sunday is going to be an extra special day at Big Jones, capping off a week that marks our first anniversay, and also representing an opportunity to do some extra special things for everyone who has helped make our brunches such a resounding success.

We’ll pare down our regular brunch menu ever so slightly to make room for some great Spring specials. All of the favorites will be there – Eggs New Orleans, Benedicts, Andouille & Biscuits, etc. at our regular prices. To us, high-demand holidays have never – and will never – represent an opprtunity for price-gouging. While we know we’re not cheap, it’s always first and foremost in our minds to be your affordable neighborhood spot, with great hospitality.

We’ll expand the bakery somewhat, in addition to beignets, there will be cornbread and biscuits, and relish trays. Expect honey butter, pepper jelly, and some home made pickles to welcome you to your table.

We’ve been able to procure some shad roe for next weekend as well, and I personally am giddy with excitement. Anyone who grew up out on the Virginia coast, or the Chesapeake Bay area will know where I’m coming from, and for everyone else, let me just say that this is one of the few truly seasonal, true delicacies left in our globalized food system. Perishable as it is, I haven’t ordered a ton of it, so hopefully supplies last through Easter Sunday, but when it’s gone, it’s gone, so if you like shad roe, or really want to try it, make your reservations for early Sunday!

  • Carolina Golden Eggs – Fresh Steamed Artichoke Bottoms with Poached Eggs and Lemon Hollandaise, Fried Oysters, and Carolina Golden Rice Grits   17
  • Smoked Gunthorp Farm Ham with Raisin Sauce, Mustard Greens, and Cornbread Dressing   17
  • Herb-Roasted Wild Mushrooms with Poached Eggs and Anson Mills Hominy Cheese Grits    15
  • Pan-Fried Shad Roe with Crisp Bacon, Creamed Scallions, and Anson Mills Hominy Cheese Grits   22

And now something for the kids!