Green City Market BBQ Action Photos

Gladiolas are about as Southern as it gets, thanks to GCM vendor Leaning Shed Farm for growing them for the market!
Market Asst. Manager (and Big Jones cook!) Rich Hawley puts on a nice smile, while I look like I'm standing next to a hot grill on a 100 degree heat index day
AJ wants to know what's up
The crowd was fantastic, and what great people! See the haze overhead? That's bbq grills a' plenty fired up!
The rich yellow color of our house-churned butter is only possible because the Kilgus Farmstead cows are at pasture. Green grass + sunshine in their diet = vitamin A and beta carotene in the cream = great nutrition. We cook the hominy in cast iron, it's just best that way.
Good andouille looks kind of like head cheese, but we actually make ours with a combination of shoulder, ham, and loin meat.
The kiss of the flame is essential when you want a nice char on a small, fatty piece of sausage. Larger pieces of meat need more restraint on the fire.
Corey is the plating master, while Brian looks on
Finished plates of hominy fried in house churned butter with house pecan-smoked bacon and pickled slaw
David, Laura, and Andy are the happy bunch up front, our three most legendary dining room captains
Andy asks, "you said what?" I just look pale in the sweltering heat. Laura, as always, does her job with aplomb.
Nothing caps a hot summer bbq like a shot of gin - thanks to Death's Door Spirits and Wirtz Beverage!