Trap-caught and on your plate for dinner

It is truly a rare and very special occasion when I am recommend attending a dinner at another restaurant in writing, on my own blog. In fact, this might be the very first time. It’s also a rare and very special occasion when that dinner involves six chefs I have watched and admired from a distance (that is, locked up in my own kitchen) for their cooking. The life of a chef is lived largely behind closed doors. When we venture out into the public, it’s likely we are scouring a farmer’s market or ethnic food store for that one obscure ingredient that will throw the dish we’re working on over the top.

Wednesday, six other chefs and I get together in one kitchen at Kith & Kin to create what I think will be one of the most memorable dinners of the year. Each one of these chefs is worth the trip. Seven chefs make it a bargain.

The inspiration for this dinner is the wild Nunavit arctic char, a most majestic fish brought to you by Supreme Lobster and Carl Galvan, fishmonger to many of Chicago’s greatest chefs. I will say that this fish lives up to the lineup of chefs and it is an honor to be called upon to offer a preparation of Nunavit arctic char for this dinner. With 20 years of cuisine under my belt, I say without a doubt that this is the most special fish you could eat anywhere in this country this coming Wednesday. Yes, it’s that good, from  the most pristine waters on earth, trap-caught in the morning and on your plate for dinner.  Call 773-472-7070 for reservations. It will sell out, get in now!

Nunavut Wild Char Dinner
Wednesday August 25, 2010
$100 per person, $180 for two

Cocktail Reception
Tastes from Our Restaurants

Kith and Kin
Longman and Eagle
Big Jones

pickled tomato mayonnaise, wood-grilled sweet peppers, salted candy onions, corn cracker
Paul Virant
, Vie

Worcestershire gel-poached
Heirloom Benne & Carolina Gold Rice Salad, Flavors of Summer
Paul Fehribach
, Big Jones

Dill Cured
Crispy Veal Breast, Ragout of Green Acres Farm Cucumbers, Marinated Onions, Taziki Sauce
Ryan Poli
, Perennial

pickled spigairello, local melon
Chris Pandel
, The Bristol

Seared on one side
Cedar, Porcini, spinach, Razor Clams and Sorrel
Andrew Brochu and David Carrier
, kith and kin

summer truffle- potato gnocchi , lobster mushrooms, fava beans, red wine foie gras emulsion.
Jared Wentworth
, Longman and Eagle

Ryanne Carrier,