Join us for a special New Year’s Eve celebration

As 2013 draws to a close, we reflect upon what an amazing year it’s been, and our thanks go to you for helping make it happen. This year as always, we are throwing a special dinner party to close out the year, and as always it is a unique one. We let loose a little bit and indulge in a way that we don’t normally on a daily basis. We think that’s actually a very Southern thing. Live for the occasion. Southern food is known for being unabashedly decadent, rich, and unforgiving of any diet. But we know that’s not true, in fact we reject that very notion. Southern cooking has always been about what’s nearby, what’s fresh, and that usually means an abundance of fresh garden produce prepared simply and lovingly, and if you’ve read as many of the old Southern cooking texts as I have, it also means not cooking things to death. It means simple, pure flavors prepared healthily for daily living. Indulging was saved for festivals and holidays, and here we are.

If you’re a regular guest at Big Jones and we hope you are, you know ingredients like truffles, steak, and black trumpet mushrooms don’t show up on the menu every day. Neither does a 5-course tasting menu. We save these indulgences for just this kind of occasion, and while heirloom receipts are most often at the forefront of our cooking, here we let our creative juices flow a bit and explore the possibilities of the future, even as Southern culinary tradition informs us every step of the way. This is a time to look ahead, Auld Lang Syne.

We begin the dinner with an amuse that fits  the spirit of the dinner perfectly – for the fisth year, we start with a reimagined version of Hoppin’ John and greens, the requisite Southern dish of the New Year for good luck and money. It’s a sea island pea “cappuccino” topped with bacon froth and puffed Carolina gold rice and parched collard greens. It’s a simple shooter of creamy sea island red pea puree with some unique toppings that also make up that New Year’s plate of good luck – peas, rice, greens. It’s also ridiculously delicious, and particularly fitting – here’s a very modern presentation of heritage ingredients that collectively have been around since at least the 17th century. In fact, this basic combination of African red peas and Carolina gold rice and greens, later to include salt pork, is the very origin of the heralded hoppin’ john, and represents the one of the very oldest pillars of Southern food.  In this dinner we aim for that kind of time-transcending experience throughout – it’s a great way to celebrate the passing of time and potential for renewal.

The tasting menu includes fish, shellfish, and meat, however there is a convenient option for the fish and and meat courses to make a vegetable tasting menu if you prefer.

Please join us for a special evening, be safe, and best of luck and fortune in the new year!

A Celebration of the New Year

December 31, 2013 5 p.m. – midnight

Optional beverage pairings listed, $30

A Gullah Good Luck Charm

Sea Island Red Pea “Cappuccino”  Carolina gold rice stick, chopped collards, bacon froth

Spanish 75 – Cognac, House Quince Liqueur, Meyer Lemon, Cava


Heirloom Purple Barley Risotto   cauliflower puree, leeks, roasted black trumpet mushrooms

Bread Service

Awendaw Spoonbread  winter truffles and candied quince butter


Roasted Hearts of Palm   petite mustard greens, satsuma, black rice peas, cracked benne brittle

Yalumba Viogner 2012, South Australia


Florida Gulf Coast Amberjack   brown butter roasted plantains, pineapple, smoked chicory, kumquat chutney


Henry Moore Corn Hominy & Goat Cheese Love Letters   crispy fried kale, buttered pecans, hidalgo pepper sauce, quince honey

Eola Hills Chardonnay “La Creole” 2012, Rickreal, Oregon


Wood-grilled New York Strip  Crawfish Newburg,  fire-roasted mustard greens,
rose finn potato, Marchand-du-vin

Pilizota Babic 2009, North Dalmatia, Croatia


Salsify “Oysters” ca. 1840   absinthe-scented sea island benne bisque,
braised little gem lettuce, Sally Lunn toast

Travaglini Nebbiolo 2009, Costa Delle Sesia, Italy


Red Velvet Cake   cream cheese semifreddo, cocoa nib brittle, vanilla bean and orange juice sabayon

Housemade Satsuma Cello Cordial


Meyer Lemon Tart    salted sorghum ice cream, torn meringue, baby coconut, crystallized coffee

Rare Wine Company Sercial Madeira “Charleston”


Seventy-five dollars per person

Beverage pairings, thirty dollars

For reservations, call 773-275-5725