Be My Southern Valentine!

We can think of no more beautiful cooking to share on Valentine’s Day than the great American Southern cooking, with its centuries of history and all of the stories, romance, and intrigue that go along. From great wealth and terrible poverty, lowland marshes to mountaintops, the agrarian traditions of eating from the field, by garden and by gun, by trap and fish hook. It’s a storybook full of romance, and we feel it’s absolutely the best food for lovers on this special day.

Of course we will throw in some indulgences, something Southerners have always been known to do every chance they are given. So please, join us as we celebrate the romance of Southern cooking.

There is a regular tasting menu with a vegetable option. Please join us, this one will be special.

Friday, February 14, 2014 5-11 p.m.


Angel on Horseback   Crispy oyster buttered sally lunn, crisp bacon, creamy homemade mayonnaise

Vegetable option—salsify “oyster” and crispy smoked beet chip, Sally Lunn, creamy homemade mayonnaise


Fried artichoke   celery root bisque, wood-fired trevisio radicchio, preserved meyer lemon

Bread Service

Homebaked farro sourdough   with damson preserves and whipped creme fraiche


Creamy cauliflower and parsnip soup   cheese straw, bread & butter pickles


Seared wild striped sea bass   Lobster “ciopino,” Parmesan crouton, mustard greens


Carolina gold rice biscuits   butterbean gravy, roasted black trumpet mushrooms, sea island benne


Wood-grilled Slagel Farm Sirloin   Louisiana coast white prawn, henry moore corn hominy, tangy homemade steak sauce


Hand-pulled egg noodles   butternut squash & fromage blanc puree, Blue Ridge Mountain truffles, melted leeks, fried rosemary


Banana Pudding for Two   Snickerdoodles, rum, Italian meringue, dark chocolate sauce on the side
Sixty-nine dollars per person ∙ Listed beverage pairings, optional, thirty dollars

Regular dinner menu will not be available for Valentine’s Day dinner