COVID-19 Update

(July 9 2020)

As we begin of Phase Four in Chicago, we would like to share the measures we have taken and continue to take on a daily basis to ensure the safety of our employees and guests:

• Employee egress moved to back door to separate from guest egress

• Every employee gets an infrared contactless temperature check upon reporting to work, sent home if temperature above 99.2

• Mandatory handwashing for all employees every 15 minutes, wearing gloves when handling food

• Mandatory medical face masks for all staff provided by Big Jones

• Mandatory face masks for all guests

• Installed touch-free paper towel and soap dispensers

• Eliminated shared condiment bottles in favor of individual portions

• Installed 24′ sneeze guard between kitchen and dining room

• Training on mandated floor plans ensuring guest census remains below 19 persons (occupancy placard is for 79)

• Training on 6-foot minimum distance between parties, maximum party size of 8 persons

• Hand sanitizer provided at both entrances for guests and employees

• Door handles for public use sanitized every 15 minutes – entrance, restrooms

• Upper and lower surfaces of tables and chairs sanitized between parties

• Tables re-sanitized before seating guests

• Obtained POS system updates to allow for contactless payment

• Windows to remain open at all times to provide maximum ventilation

• All employees instructed to obtain Covid-19 test within the next week to continue working

• Required quarantine of two weeks paid sick leave for any employee who tests positive for Covid-19

• Any employees who are in contact with anyone inside or outside of work will be quarantined for two weeks paid leave and required to have a negative test before returning to work