Let us cater your next event! Contact us at Most catering orders require 24 hours notice.


    • Appetizer Trays (catering)

    • Crudites$3/person (12 person minimum)

      Thoughfully selected fresh vegetables from the closest local sources, served with homemade buttermilk herb dip

    • Seasonal Fresh Fruit$4/person (12 person minimum)

      The best fruit we can muster within the season, served with honeyed Greek yoghurt and candided pecans

    • Boucherie Board$6/person (12 person minimum)

      A sampling of housemade charcuterie, pickles, and preserves, served with homemade breads and crackers

    • Cheese Board$6/person (12 person minimum)

      Local artisan cheeses presented with toast crisps, candied pecans and peanuts, and a selection of homemade preserves

    • Relish Tray$8/person (12 person minimum)

      The Southern standard of hospitality -- homemade pimiento cheese, deviled aggs, crab salad, crudites, and pickes with toast crisps

    • Canapes (catering)

      (minimum 2 dozen per type; price is per piece; 48 hours advance order may apply)

    • Tasso & Pickled Shrimp4 / piece

      Housemade tasso ham and pickled shrimp and piccalilli , on a homemade benne craker

    • Tete de Cochon3 / piece

      Hog's head pate made with brandy and peppercorns, with bourbon-brown sugar mustard, and homemade rye bread

    • Petite Fried Green Tomato5 / piece

      Cornmeal fried, topped with creamy blue crab salad

    • Benedictine2 / piece

      Creamy cucumber and creamn cheese spread, hommade butter cracker

    • Pimiento Cheese2.50 / piece

      Hook's sharp Cheddar blended with pimientos and our homemade Worcestershire sauce, with piccalilli and homemade benne crackers

    • Deviled Eggs3 (2 halves)

      Southern staple with spicy mustard and hot sauce  (also available with Louisiana bowfin caviar for 7)

    • Bakery To Go (catering)

    • Beignets18 / dozen

    • Cornbread Muffins with butter and jam24 / dozen

    • Buttermilk Biscuits with butter and jam30 / dozen

    • Popovers with butter and jam24 / dozen

    • Sorghum Pecan Sticky Rolls50 / dozen

    • Hot Appetizers (catering)

      (minimum 2 dozen per type)

    • Big Jones Chicken Wings15 / dozen

      Our acclaimed fried chicken but just the wings - breaded and fried crisp, then dressed with your choice of glaze: Nashville hot, sweet honey medium, or Memphis BBQ mild. Accompanied by carrot and celery sticks and buttermilk herb dressing.

    • Ponchartrain Lump Crab Cakes96 / dozen

      MSC-certified Louisiana blue crab dressed with mustard and hot sauce, served with remoulade and pickled corn relish

    • Popcorn Shrimp and Okra25 / pound

      Key West pink shrimp and sliced okra breaded and fried crisp, tossed in a sweet and sour chili sauce

    • Cajun Boudin Balls35 / dozen

      Piquant pork and rice sausage breaded and fried crisp, served with cayenne mayonnaise and green tomato relish

    • Spicy Chili Cheese Tamales35 / dozen

      Homemade heirloom corn masa with hot peppers, mushrooms, and cheese steams in corn husks (3 dozen minimum)

    • Biscuit Pies35 / dozen

      Little biscuit pies with spicy tomato sauce and three cheeses, crisp bacon optional

    • Boxed Sandwiches (catering)

      Cold and hot sandwiches are available. All boxed sandwiches come with a choice of side dish: collard greens, potato chips, hoppin' john, slaw, or side salad.

    • Pimiento Cheeseburger14

      House-ground grassfed beef griddled with onion and pimiento cheese, topped with lettuce and pickled snack peppers

    • Smoked and Smothered Pork Shoulder12

      Served in a tangy Memphis-style sauce, topped with creamy slaw on a homemade bun

    • Peacemaker Po Boy18

      The ultimate po boy - crispy oysters, shredded cabbage, shrimp remoulade, and picallili

    • Smothered Mushroom Po Boy16

      Local organic maitake mushrooms fried crisp and smothered in gravy, dressed with creamy slaw, tomato, and pickles

    • Carolina Shrimp Burger16

      Key West Pink Shrimp, buttermilk roll, sweet chow, butter lettuce, and cayenne mayonnaise

    • Party Trays (catering)

      We have party trays for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

    • Party Tray: Fried Chicken$30 eight pieces serves 2-4

    • Party Tray: Shrimp & Grits$75 / 140

      Half pan serves 4-6 people. Full pan serves 8-12 people.

    • Party Tray: Southern Fried Catfish$90 half / 175 full

      half pan serves 8-10; full pan serves 15-20

    • Biscuits & Gravy$60/dozen (half tray)

      half tray serves 8-12