Dinner is served nightly from 5pm. Fried chicken is available every night. Delivery is available through Caviar and through Grubhub.

    • Starters and Snacks

    • Pickle Tasting10

      A sampling of our housemade pickles served with salted sorghum butter and home baked bread

    • Crawfish and Cheddar Hushpuppies12

      Hazzard Free Farm corn puppies fried crisp, then smothered with crawfish cream and Hook’s one year cheddar and scallions

    • Pimiento Cheese6

      Hook’s Cheddar blended with pimientos and homemade Worcestershire sauce, served with piccalilli and homemade benne crackers

    • Red Snapper Caveach, ca. 188010

      Seviche of Florida red snapper, lime, jalapeno, virgin benne oil, fresh herbs, avocado and homemade saltines

    • Salmon Croquettes11

      With a hat tip to Faulkner, Bristol Bay Sockeye salmon cakes with sour corn in clabber and petite mustard greens

    • Potato Bisque8

      Local potato and leek puree scented with rosemary, garnished with buttered Sally Lunn croutons, piccalilli, and fresh chives

    • Boucherie Board22

      A sampling of house-made charcuterie, pickles, preserves, served with homemade breads and crackers

    • Potted Guinea Hen, circa 184013

      Slagel Farm hens prepared in a rustic pate, served with spicy peach chutney and toasted bread crisps

    • Soups

    • Gumbo Ya-Ya8

      It all begins with the roux, made in the traditional Cajun style, with our andouille sausage, chicken, pork, and aromatic Arkansas rice

    • Soup du Jour7

      Made fresh daily using heirloom recipes and the best local ingredients

    • Dinner Entrees

    • Shrimp and Grits17

      Laughing Bird sustainable shrimp, creamy antebellum heirloom grits, mushroom and tasso gravy, housemade Worcestershire, and scallions

    • Crispy Catfish a la Big Jones18

      Crispy catfish in a light corn and rice flour breading, served with creamy grits, butterbeans, tasso Beurre monte, piccalilli

    • Butcher's Pork Duet19

      Sweet tea-brined and lightly smoked house-butchered pork loin, crispy boudin ball, baked bean puree, sweet potato hash, crackling

    • Fried Chicken (dinner)17 light * 14 dark * 23 half

      Fried in leaf lard, ham drippings, and clarified butter, served with sweet potato hash and voodoo greens. Allow 30 minutes.

    • Summer Market Noodles19

      Hand-rolled egg noodles tossed with local farm vegetables in cider butter -- broccoli, early onions, mustard greens, shiitake mushrooms, thyme, and basil, topped with a sunny duck egg and Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative Pecorino

    • Farmhouse Chicken and Dumplings, circa 192014

      Based on an old family recipe, thick, chewy egg dumplings simmered with pulled chicken, onion, cabbage, salt and pepper

    • Fresh Baked Breads

    • Skillet Cornbread7

      Crispy heirloom cornbread baked in cast iron with bacon fat and green onions, served with whipped Driftless Breeze honey butter

    • Abruzzi Rye5

      Heritage Carolina-grown rye flour baked with Caudill's sorghum molasses, served with honey butter and homemade preserves

    • Farmstead White5

      The classic American loaf of bread, fragrant, soft, and mouthwatering. Served with whipped honey butter and homemade preserves.

    • Vegetables

    • Roasted and Pickled Beets11

      Genesis Growers beets roasted and pickled three ways, petit mustard greens, rye crisps, lemon marmalade, homemade cottage cheese

    • Zucchini Fritters (dinner)12

      Local zucchini pancakes fried crisp and served with cabbage & apple kimchi and a creamy mint sauce

    • Carnival Squash Rosti12

      Local winter squash and red pea flour pancakes, with Gotham Greens butter lettuce and pumpkin seed salsa verde

    • Sweet Potato Hash8

      Local beauregard sweets sautéed with bacon and onion, then glazed with cane syrup and worcestershire

    • Pickled Shrimp and Avocado Salad15

      Homemade Laughing Bird shrimp pickle with local lettuce, avocado, tomato, black beans, and cornbread crumbs in light vinaigrette

    • Local Baby Lettuces7.5

      Tossed with buttermilk-herb dressing, shallots, and radish, with Sally Lunn croutons and Hook’s blue cheese

    • Sandwiches (Dinner)

    • Barbecued Pork Shoulder Po Boy14

      Pecan wood-smoked and smothered in a tart East Carolina-style sauce, topped with creamy slaw, served with choice of side

    • Blackened Andouille Po' Boy16

      Charred house smoked sausage, shredded cabbage, remoulade, and pickled shrimp, Mighty Vine tomato, and bread and butter pickles, served with ham fat fried potatoes

    • Pimiento Cheese Burger15

      Griddled onion and double cheeseburger with home made pimiento cheese on a steamed bun, sloppy and worth it, with choice of side

    • Desserts

    • Desserts

      Desserts are seasonal and change often -- please ask for our dessert menu

    • Sweet Potato Chocolate Pot de Creme10

      Layers of sweet potato and chocolate custards with candied peanuts & crème fraiche

    • Sticky Molasses Cake9

      Soaked in Steen’s syrup, with wine-poached pear, benne ice cream, almond cookie

    • Calas, circa 18909

      Hot sourdough rice fritters the Creole way, with tres leches ice cream and goat milk caramel

    • Rum Bread Pudding9

      Boozy pudding served warm with homemade peach butter and vanilla bean ice cream

    • Selection of 3 Home Made Ice Creams or Sorbets9

      featuring Kilgus Farmstead cream and local fruits