Lunch is available Monday-Friday starting at 11am. Try our famous fried chicken. (Our menu changes often. Different menu items are available during the Mardi Gras menu from Friday February 10th through March 2nd, 2017.)

    • Soups and Snacks (lunch)

    • Pickle Tasting10

      A sampling of our housemade pickles served with salted sorghum butter and home baked bread

    • Pimiento Cheese6

      Hook’s Cheddar blended with pimientos and homemade Worcestershire sauce, served with piccalilli and homemade benne crackers

    • Gumbo Ya-Ya8

      It all begins with the roux, made in the traditional Cajun style, with our andouille sausage, chicken, pork, and aromatic Arkansas rice

    • Sea Island Purple Cape Bean Soup6.5

      Heritage beans of the Stono River Valley slowly cooked in vegetable broth, served with buttered cornbread crumbs, crème fraiche, chives

    • Soup du Jour7

      Made fresh daily using heirloom recipes and the best local ingredients

    • Brunch for Lunch

    • Biscuit and Debris Gravy14

      Fresh baked farmstead biscuit with creamy debris gravy, voodoo greens, and two poached farm eggs

    • Shiitake and Melted Leek Omelet12

      River Valley Ranch shiitakes, local leeks, and LaClare chevre wrapped delicately in three eggs, choose potatoes, fresh fruit, or creamy grits

    • Carolina Gold Rice Pancakes11

      Delicate rice flour pancakes filled with coconut cream and topped with local strawberries and coconut-benne granola

    • Catfish and Grits14

      Farm-raised Alabama catfish fried in rice and corn flour breading with creamy grits, sea island red peas, and tasso ham beurre monte

    • A Simple Cajun Breakfast11

      Two farm eggs with crispy fried crawfish boudin patties, cornbread, and creamy grits or Potatoes O'Brien

    • Fried Chicken (lunch)

    • Award-winning Fried Chicken17 light; 14 dark; 23 half

      Our famous recipe, fried in leaf lard, ham drippings, and clarified butter, with a highly seasoned cornmeal dredge. Served with voodoo greens and butterbeans. Allow 30 minutes.

    • Lunch Salads

    • Fried Chicken Salad14

      Crispy breaded chicken tenders served on local farm lettuce with
      cucumbers, tomatoes, buttermilk herb dressing, Hook's Blue Paradise cheese, and piccalilli

    • Kohlrabi Bisque8

      Creamy puree of kohlrabi  served hot or chilled, with a piquant blue crab salad, buttery crouton, and chives

    • Rooftop Garden Salad8

      Tossed with shallot, early radishes, candied pecans, and Hook's Blue Paradise cheese, with buttermilk herb dressing

    • Crab Cake Salad15

      Ponchartrain blue crab cakes with tossed Gotham Greens lettuce, Mighty Vine tomato, cucumber, pickled okra, remoulade dressing

    • Lunch Sandwiches

    • Twice-grilled Cheese12

      Buttery toasted Sally Lunn with griddled Chandoka and Nordic Parmesan cheeses, mighty vine tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, choice of side *

    • Barbecued Pork Shoulder Po Boy14

      Pecan wood-smoked and smothered in a tart East Carolina-style sauce, topped with creamy slaw, served with choice of side

    • Fried Chicken Sandwich13

      Crispy breaded and fried boneless chicken thigh, egg bun, homemade mayonnaise, local lettuce, chow-chow, choice of side

    • Blackened Andouille Po' Boy16

      Charred house smoked sausage, shredded cabbage, remoulade, and pickled shrimp, Mighty Vine tomato, and bread and butter pickles, served with ham fat fried potatoes

    • Pimiento Cheese Burger15

      Griddled onion and double cheeseburger with home made pimiento cheese on a steamed bun, sloppy and worth it, with choice of side

    • Lunch Entrees

    • Shrimp and Grits17

      Laughing Bird shrimp, creamy Anson Mills grits, River Valley Ranch mushroom & tasso gravy, housemade Worcestershire, chives

    • Roasted Summer Mushrooms15

      Roasted organic maitakes and River Valley Ranch shiitakes in a buttery wine sauce, with creamy grits and  a sunny duck egg

    • Farmhouse Chicken and Dumplings, circa 192014

      Based on an old family recipe, thick, chewy egg dumplings simmered with pulled chicken, onion, cabbage, salt and pepper