A Tennessee Mountain Jubilee, ca. 1880 with Uncle Nearest

We are pleased to announce, after a long hiatus, the next Big Jones Bourbon Society whiskey dinner!  In partnership with Uncle Nearest, the finest Tennessee Whiskey we have ever tasted, this will be a Bourbon Society exclusive. ticket link here

Uncle Nearest is named for Nathan “Nearest” Green, who was enslaved when he learned to distill and perfected the maple charcoal filtering process that defines Tennessee whiskey to this day. This so-called “Lincoln County Process” was an innovation by Nathan Green that is still used today, two centuries later, and may have been a practice he adapted from his own African ancestors’ practice of filtering water through charcoal to purify and sweeten it before drinking. After the Civil War, he continued making whiskey as a free man and garnered a reputation far and wide throughout Tennessee for the uncommon smoothness and deep flavor of his whiskey. Today, with the involvement of Nearest Green’s descendants, his formulas and methods have been revived, and we can’t begin to explain how delightful the results are. 

His story was lost for years, but we now know that he is the first African American master distiller on record in the United States, and invented what we know today as Tennessee whiskey. Along the way, he taught Jack Daniels to distill whiskey. Along with excellent whiskey and delicious food, we’ll learn about his story and enjoy his legacy today. 

A Tennessee Mountain Jubilee, ca 1880

With Uncle Nearest

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

6:00 reception

Roasted Winesap Apple Toddies with Uncle Nearest 1856
Beaten biscuits with 18-month country ham and pickled peaches
Neckbone fry pies with cabbage pickle and green onion
Sweet potato biscuit with deer daube glace and whole grain mustard

7:00 dinner

Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch
Navy bean soup with pickled pig’s feet and spiced green tomatoes
Red-white salad with cheese straws (grapefruit, beet, tarragon vinaigrette)
Smothered young duckling under blanket
Candied sweet potatoes in sorghum molasses
Baked cauliflower in duck drippings

8:00 dessert

Uncle Nearest 1820 Single Barrel Edition
Damson and banana tart with creamed sherry sauce
Ginger kisses

$70 per person excluding tax and gratuity – ticket link here