An Epic Thanksgiving Dinner You can Enjoy at Home

Over the fourteen years we have been serving Andersonville and greater Chicago, we have always regarded it as a privilege to prepare holiday dinners for our guests. To be able to cook food we love for our community is a gift, and this year is no different, thank you for your friendship and support, we are grateful.

For Thanksgiving 2021, we will be turning it up a notch and have crafted a menu we are proud of and which we think you and yours will truly enjoy. The menu will be available exclusively to go fo you to enjoy in your home.

All packages include one reusable pint bottle of our signature battery punch, which serves four. Only persons ages 21 or over may order Thanksgiving Dinner packages. A vegetarian option is also available – a giant “tamale” of Spence Farm Iroqouis white corn and acorn flour foraged and prepared by Chef Paul’s brother Brett in the woods of Southern Indiana. It’ll be stuffed and served with a delicious gravy, you won’t miss the turkey at all. When you select a dinner package, you will be prompted to choose traditional or meat-free options.

Please order soon, it always sells out. We wish you and yours a safe, happy, and delicious Thanksgiving.

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A Celebration of Thanksgiving  

November 25, 2021

Pickup times available: 12:00, 1:30, 3:00 
Packages available for two or four. For larger parties, order more packages.


Battery Punch—Cognac, gin, loquat shrub, colombard wine, black tea, citrus, mace


Horseradish beer cheese, two-year country ham, quince preserves,  fall kimchi, hot chow, fresno pepper jelly

Buttermilk rolls with Farmhouse Kitchens butter and Bull’s Bay sea salt

Cauliflower bisque with bread & butter pickle relish and garlic butter croutons

Salad of frisee and herbs with local apples, celery, almonds, and Capriole Wabash Cannonball


Deep-fried turkey in the Cajun style, with giblet gravy and cranberry sauce***
onion, apple, and sage stuffing


Toasted Iroquois white corn & acorn tamale “bombe” filled with acorn squash,
hen of the woods mushrooms, dried cherries, sage, peelcorn oat gravy 


Mashed sweet potatoes with brown butter, pepitas, and Caudill’s Sorghum

Skillet-charred Brussels sprouts with sea island benne, lemon, crispy shallots


Pumpkin pie, whipped Kilgus Farmstead cream

White chocolate-dipped bourbon balls with a dusting of freshly ground sassafras


One hundred fifty dollars for two, two hundred sixty dollars for four

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