Crawfish Festival 2018

It’s high crawfish season in Louisiana! We’re going to celebrate by throwing our first annual Crawfish Festival, in which we bring forth our all-time favorite crawfish dishes at once in celebration of one of the world’s great sustainable seafood fisheries, and one of the most delicious.

The Big Jones crawfish festival runs from April 27 – May28, and is reflected in our regular menus loaded with Louisiana Crawfish, and a twice-weekly crawfish boil.

The Louisiana crawfish industry is a model of sustainability, yet one that has struggled in the face of cheap (and inferior) imports from China and Indonesia. We not only know that Louisiana crawfish tastes better, we believe it’s important to support the crawfishermen at work in bayou country. That’s why we source all of our crawfish tails from the Acadiana Fisherman’s Cooperative in Henderson, Louisiana with offices in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, and our live crawfish from the Louisiana Crawfish Company in Natchitoches, Louisiana. This means we get to serve you the most delicious crawfish in the world, and it also means jobs and commerce in one of the most economically challenging parts of the country.

See below for info on our weekly crawfish boils you can partake in, but please note they are reservation-only so we can fly your crawfish in and be sure they’re live when we drop them in the pot! Other goodies we have in store include:

Crawfish Boudin! This is one of our favorite appetizers since day one. It’s a crawfish and rice sausage shaped into a croquette and deep-fried. Hear dat!

Crawfish pie! Some say the best thing they’ve ever eaten at Big Jones and you’ll want to try and see for yourself.

Crawfish etouffee a la Breaux Bridge, ca. 1930! Our beloved etouffee, a heap of crawfish tails smothered in butter and wine

Crawfish and corn chowder! Perfect on those cooler, rainy days.

Crawfish and Cheddar hushpuppies! Another customer favorite back on the menu for the festival.

Crawfish Andouille Po’ Boys! Yes, we made andouille sausage enriched with crawfish tails! Blackened and served on French bread with crawfish remoulade, because you can’t have too much crawfish!

Fried Green Tomatoes! With classic remoulade and pickled crawfish.

Chocolate Delight! OK, there’s no crawfish in this dessert, but we wanted to offer a quintessential crawfish boil potluck dessert. Alternately called chocolate yummy and chocolate yum yum, it’s a casserole parfait of chocolate pudding, cream cheese, and whipped cream on coconut-pecan shortbread with housemade cocktail cherries. Louisiana folks know this one well!

Then there’s the Crawfish Boil, which you will want to do at least once, available Thursday nights by reservation only.

Thursday Night Crawfish Boils

May 3, 10, 17, 24

Make your reservation by 12:00 noon Wednesday so we can overnight your crawfish from Louisiana!
Total table participation required, minimum two guests

  • Start with crawfish andouille gumbo with potato salad
  • All the boiled crawfish you can eat, with new potatoes and sweet corn
  • Creamy slaw
  • Cheddar Jalapeno monkey bread
  • Chocolate yummy for dessert
  • 3 Supper Club lagers per person (21 and over only)

Fifty dollars per person, plus tax and gratuity
Reserve your boil by calling 773-275-5725 by 3 p.m. Wednesday!