It’s Mardi Gras at Big Jones! Laissez le bon temps rouler!

Our annual Mardi Gras celebration begins Friday, February 10 and runs through Thursday, March 2! The culmination of the celebration will be on Fat Tuesday, February 28. Obsessed as we are with New Orleans and its magical energy, this has become a labor of love as much is it is now tradition to bring you the most accurate, thoughtful representations of New Orleans Creole and Louisiana Cajun country cooking, with the most decadent dishes and drinks on the menu and New Orleans jazz and funk ripping from the speakers.

Valentine’s Day once again falls during the Mardi Gras season, so we are offering a special prix fixe menu through Mardi Gras as well as our a la carte menu gluttonous Louisiana Cuisine! Of course there will be fried chicken, shrimmp and grits, our boucherie charcuterie items, and bread pudding! Special items coming to the menu this year include:

Coush-coush   11
Cajun hot water cornbread nuggets with crispy oysters, young lettuces, and homemade pepper jelly

Ponchartrain Lump Crab Cakes   15
Ponchartrain Blue Crab dressed in the Creole fashion, served with classic remoulade, sweet corn relish, and butter lettuce

Barbecued Shrimp   15
Jumbo Louisiana wild-caught white shrimp in a decadent butter and wine sauce with wood-grilled bread for dipping

Gumbo z’Herbes   8
An odyssey of cooking greens in a toasty dark roux with tomatoes in the Creole style, served with aromatic Delta rice

Creole Duck Salad   14
Local lettuce and frisee with scallions, croutons, duck confit, and crisp bacon, a light vinaigrette, and sunny duck egg

Peacemaker Po’ Boy  18
The ultimate po’ boy—crispy oysters, shredded cabbage, shrimp remoulade & piccalilli, served with Creole-spiced potato chips

Blackened Andouille Po’ Boy   15
Charred house andouille, shredded cabbage, shrimp remoulade & bread and butter pickles, served with Creole-spiced potato chips

Alligator & Andouille Sauce Piquant   25
Louisiana alligator tails simmered in a piquant red sauce with our house andouille, served with aromatic Delta rice

Crawfish Etouffee a la Breaux Bridge, ca. 1930   25
Louisiana crawfish tails in the Cajun style—smothered in butter and wine with mild spice, served with steamed Braggadocio rice

Whiskey Corn Baba   9
Hazzard Free Farm white cornmeal yeast cake soaked in Bourbon and studded with drunken blueberries, filled with Sherry-spiked whipped cream   9

Calas, ca. 1890   9
Hot sourdough rice fritters the old Creole way, chocolate chile ice cream, chocolate sauce   9

Winter Bread Pudding   9
Boozy pudding flavored with brandy and orange peel, served with homemade apple butter, oatmeal cookie crumble, and salted sorghum ice cream  9

King Cake   7   (available February 9-14)
Flaky and buttery yeast cake filled with pecan praline cheesecake and glazed in royal icing

And, if your table is so inclined, you may partake of this decadent prix fixe menu! We ask that your entire table participate to take advantage of this great deal

Laissez bon temp rouler!
A Louisiana Mardi Gras Odyssey

Now through February 15, 2018 * 5-9:30 p.m. Daily
Table d’Hote, choose one per course


Gumbo z’Herbes    collard, turnip, and mustard greens with parsley and carrot tops in Cajun black roux with smoked paprika, steamed Braggadocio rice, pickled okra, green onions

Cochon de Lait   crispy seared suckling pig, creamy grits, gratons, redeye gravy,
sweet and hot chow-chow

Coush-Coush   crispy hot water cornbread nibblets with fried Gulf oysters, frisee, scallions, pepper jelly vinaigrette

Bread Service:

Jalapeno Cheese Cornbread   Hazzard Free Farm Althea’s white cornmeal bread studded with jalapenos and Hook’s aged Cheddar, bbq rub


Alligator & Andouille Sauce Piquant   Louisiana alligator tail, housemade andouille, piquant tomato & wine sauce, steamed Braggadocio rice

Fried Chicken   award-winning recipe cooked in leaf lard with butter and bacon fat, served with red beans and rice & voodoo greens choose light ($2 supplement) or dark meat

Crawfish Etouffee a la Breaux Bridge, ca 1930   Louisiana crawfish tails smothered in wine and butter with onions and spices, served with steamed Braggadocio rice

Sweet Potato and Barley Jambalaya   Local sweet potatoes and Anson Mills blue barley simmered in rutabaga puree, served with roasted black trumpet mushrooms


Calas, ca. 1890   hot sourdough rice fritters, citron curd, coconut, palm sugar, benne

Winter Bread Pudding   brandy and orange peel bread pudding, spiced apple butter, salted sorghum ice cream, oatmeal cookie crumble

Whiskey Corn Baba   Heirloom white corn yeast cake soaked in bourbon, filled with sherry-spiked whipped cream, and garnished with preserved sweet cherries

Thirty-three dollars per person, total table participation required