Soul Food Week 2019!

We’re excited to announce our fifth annual Soul Food Week, fourteen days dedicated to a uniquely American cuisine that will feature delicious down-home cooking in honor of one of the pillars of African American foodways, one of monumental importance we feel is the most under-rated cuisine in America.

Soul Food Week was conceived during the summer of 2014, after we spotlighted Adrian Miller’s brilliant book Soul Food: The Surprising Story of an American Cuisine, which sparked some emails. A long-time regular customer suggested that we do a Soul Food Week, like a popup, because it’s hard to find good soul food in Chicago so why not hook her (and her friends and family) up? Since that day in 2014, the future iof Soul Food is looking up, as African American chefs across the country are realizing their dreams of opening their own shops, and bringing their unique voices to the Soul Food conversation with an eye to the future, and a cuisine which once seemed preserved in amber is evolving with fresh takes across the country. Here’s hoping this phenomenon continues.

In 2019, we’re going to expand on a Soul Food Week tradition, in which we listed our favorite Chicago Soul Food restaurants on the menu. 2019 will see a new take, in which we will feature some favorites on this blog, and digging a little deeper with conversations with chefs and restaurant owners we admire. With the abundance of cuisines in Chicago, I think our soul food restaurants remain easily the most underrated category and are becoming increasingly so as the new generation takes root. We look forward to seeing Soul Food take its rightful place among world cuisines as one which is culturally and culinarily important, as any other.

So, come by and enjoy delicious soul food, and get tipped off to other great soul food spots around town that are under the radar. For some of you, it will be a chance to enjoy a cuisine you know and love, but I suspect for much of our North Side clientele, it will be a fresh and new discovery, and that’s what we’re looking to provide. Please join us any time during Soul Food Week, and look forward to our annual Soul Food Family Dinner with Chef Jennifer Booker Thursday, January 24!

More to come, check back soon!