Supper with the Fam, Chef Marketa Lucas with Jerell Horton

For our Soul Food Family Dinner in conjunction with our fourth annual Soul Food Week, we are pleased to introduce Chef Marketa Lucas and Big Jones Butcher and Tournant, and Kendall College student Jerell Horton as Chefs for the night. It has become tradition to pick one evening during Soul Food Week for a family-style dinner so our family and friends can come together and celebrate the history and present of this cuisine, and ponder its future. We have always held deep respect for Soul Food’s history in migration, the struggle for Civil Rights, and the many complexities of African American identity, with deep roots in faith, community, and family. So for Mark and I, it is an extra special honor to keep it in the Fam by turning our restaurant over to Marketa and Jerell. I am, of course, eager for the opportunity to coach them through this event as they reach a point in their respective culinary careers when it will be time for them to run their own kitchens. This is what it’s all about.

As you can see from the menu Marketa and Jerell put together, you can expect a tour de force supper gleaned from their family recipes. As we always do, we’ve kept the price approachable, because we regard this dinner as a chance to come together as a community and we wish for all who want to join to be able. We’ll put together a playlist from old soul to new soul, R&B, and hip hop to set the vibe, and if history proves precedent, a most wonderful gathering of beautiful people will take place over excellent food and drink, and a common love in soul food.

The reception will feature cocktail bites of food, with Lucas Family recipe “jungle juice” as the cocktail, which will be poured throughout dinner. That’s the purple drank. There will be a non-alcoholic red drank served throughout along with sweet tea and unsweet tea. Dinner will be served family style. Please join us for a very special evening. For reservations, call 773-275-5725.

Supper with the Fam

Chef Marketa Lucas

with Jerell Horton

Thursday, January 25, 2018

6:00 p.m. reception

Jungle Juice—Cognac, rum, gin, concord grape

Salt Cod Fritters with Zesty Remoulade
Salmon croquette with grit cake and tomato jam
Pickled shrimp with deviled egg and savory butter cracker

7:00 dinner

Pull-apart biscuits with sage honey butter
Mama Steph’s Shrimp calabash salad, butter lettuce, buttermilk dressing
Aunt Mooney’s chicken bog
Dry-rubbed spare ribs, Carolina style
Black eyed pea casserole with Creole hot sausage
Candied yams, brown sugar glaze and warm spices
Smothered chicken-fried steak with mushrooms and onions
Fire-roasted green beans, brown butter and lemon zest
Aunt Betty’s cornbread dressing

Pineapple upside-down cake
Blackberry crumble with cream cheese ice cream

Thirty dollars per person plus tax and gratuity

For reservations, call 773-275-5725

About Chef Marketa Lucas:

Marketa Anita Lucas was born in Florence South Carolina, and deeply influenced through her upbringing by down home southern women who knew how to “get down” in the kitchen.   Because of these women, Marketa always had a passion for culinary arts.  As the years passed, Marketa developed a knack for catering while attending Worcester Technical high School in Worcester, Massachusetts.   She started her own catering company at the tender age of 15 , the duly named “Teenage Caterer.” Her first culinary venture had a grown up flavor while securing holiday parties and local events to her family and friends delight!

While pursuing the four-year culinary program at Worcester Technical, Lucas gained practical experience in catering and institutional foodservice.  After Worcester, she was awarded a scholarship to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, where she successfully completed one year before deciding to return to her hometown in the Carolinas to attend Johnson and Wales, where she attained her Associates degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Service Management.  Her degrees have afforded her the opportunity to work with two master chefs and hold positions at three triple A platinum clubs of America, in addition to seven years of line experience in prestigious restaurants through the South.

In 2017, Marketa was humbled to accept a nine month mentorship, hosted by the Women in Culinary Leadership program through the James Beard Foundation, under the guidance of Chef Paul Fehribach at his acclaimed Southern restaurant, Big Jones, in Chicago.  Through her pursuit of exceptional culinary acumen, she plans to return the gift of her learned culinary skills through instruction and entrepreneurship.   She looks forward to completing her master’s degree in culinary education , after which she will go on to travel to various parts of the world where she will explore more cuisines and continue to learn and flourish into the very best chef she can be.

About Jerell Horton:

Jerell Horton recently celebrated his 3rd-year anniversary at Big Jones, and is studying culinary arts and hospitality management at Kendall College. Jerell keeps many family recipes close as inspiration, and in 2014 decided to change careers and turn his passion for home cooking into a professional career. Chef Paul Fehribach saw lots of potential in Jerell, and hired him to learn Garde Manger in spite of zero restaurant kitchen experience. Jerell proved a quick study and during his three years at Big Jones, has mastered all kitchen stations and currently performs the additional role of chief butcher for the restaurant’s ambitious charcuterie program, and shepherds the gumbo pot through production, a key trusted position. Once finished with his studies, Jerell’s experience at Big Jones will have him well prepared for his desired career as a restaurant chef, with the ultimate goal of owning his own place. In his spare time Jerell enjoys playing baseball, swimming, hip hop, and reading.