A Celebration of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is sold out.

Thursday, November 24, 2022 * Seating 1:00, 4:00, 7:00

We are happy to once again host you in our dining room in celebration of Thanksgiving. As always, the entire meal is made by hand in our kitchen from local farm ingredients. Thanksgiving is sold out.


Horseradish beer cheese, Hamburg sausage, quince preserves, piccalilli, bourbon & brown sugar mustard, sourdough rye crackers


Buttermilk rolls, house-cultured butter, Maldon salt


Cauliflower bisque with bread & butter pickle relish and garlic butter croutons


Salad of frisee and herbs with local apples, celery, almonds, Marcoot Creamery Tomme



Deep-fried turkey in the Cajun style, with giblet gravy and cranberry sauce***, onion, apple, and sage stuffing


Toasted Iroquois white corn & acorn tamale, sweet potato, huckleberry, sassafras, hen of the woods ragu


Crawfish boudin-stuffed rainbow trout, Nostrale rice risotto with tomato confit



Mashed sweet potatoes with brown butter, pepitas, and Caudill’s Sorghum


Skillet-charred Brussels sprouts with sea island benne, lemon, crispy shallots



Pumpkin pie, whipped Kilgus Farmstead cream


Nuremburger elisenlebkuchen to take home

(Our regular menu is NOT available on Thanksgiving.)